Daylight or Studio Light - Inside or Outside?
My preference is nothing more than to getting a good shot of you. If you have a preference I will oblige. However, you can always depend on a lighting kit (be it Tungsten or flash), but not always on the weather. I'm happy to shoot in any way you prefer – The object is always to help and make you as relaxed and happy as possible.

Film or Digital?
I prefer to shoot digitally, but it doesn't matter really. Whatever is said for or against digital or film is purely inconsequential when all you want is the best photograph you can get. If your pictures are shot or lit badly on film or digital the result is exactly the same. I changed from film to digital several years ago because of the economics of shooting. The upshot being that I can take more pictures and my client can see the results instantaneously. But, if actor's headshots came out best when shot with a carrot, we'd all be using carrots!

What's the cost and how long will it take?
The cost of a normal session is 400 € and includes shooting 4 different set ups, so the equivalent of 100 € per look. If you are short of funds and wish to do less looks then please feel free to contact me and discuss your requirment.

For this we can meet (should you want to) for coffee and discuss what you want, what you've had done before and the types of shots that will be good for you. Elements that are required by your agent.

On the day – We shoot for as long as is necessary – (If you want a make-up artiste this can be done by arrangement but costs extra).

At the end of the session we will have 200 – 300 shots. We will then go through your shots and delete ones' that you don't like reduce them down to the top 50 or so. The will then be check and outputted to Black & White plus contact sheets on a CD that will be posted to you. An extra copy of the CD being included for your agent or just back up.

If it seems expensive or you don't have enough money, all I can really say is; 'It's your career'. I'm neither the most expensive nor the cheapest. You have to speak to a photographer and find out what they are about and whether you feel you will be comfortable with them. I guarantee my work and if you paid pro rata to a Volkswagen mechanic it would cost a whole lot more!

Do you give student discounts?
Yes, if you're a full-time student, or two or more people come to the session I give a 20% discount euros.

How should I prepare for the shoot?
Don't get drunk the night before and have a good night's sleep. Don't cut your hair the day before – do it a week or two in advance to allow your hair to settle. Unless of course you're bald, which simplifies the matter somewhat.

Bring a selection of tops; medium to dark those have texture but not extreme patterns. Simplicity is the key and a V line is always effective, fussy fluffy collars are not. Don't forget to bring a selection of trousers or skirts if you want medium to three-quarter shots, but all in all if you are unsure, bring it – Check out my 10 TOP TIPS pdf download.

Retouching or
'Can you make me look like Claudia Schiffer/Jake Gyllenhaal?'
Believe it or not, the shot has to look like you. I can do wonders in Photoshop and of course I can get rid of non-permanent blemish. But if you have a serious scar for example – If I remove it, ‘it’ will still be there at your next casting or audition. The main thing is to get the best representation of you and the character inside and this I will do with the minimum amount of pressure.

As far as retouch I am happy to do a special retouch on 4 shots that I will then either send by CD and post or by e-mail. Any extra retouching you would like is 50 € per shot.

If you have any questions at any time please feel free to ask, I want you to be happy that is the main object of the exercise. If you are happy your shots will be good.